Handmade Indigenous Jewelry

Bert Tallman Designs

A member of the Blackfoot Tribe, currently residing on the Blood Reserve in Southern Alberta, Bert is a lapidary and jewelry artist known for creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that incorporate traditional Blackfoot and Indigenous designs. He works with silver, ammolite and other semi-precious stones.

 Bert also attended the Idyllwild Arts Academy in California where he learned Navajo-style inlay techniques. Bert’s jewelry has been featured in many galleries, gift shops and personal collections across North












Bert apprenticed under well-known lapidary artist and silversmith Jimmy Calabaza (Ca’Win), and has
been making jewelry since 2002 and also conducts short courses on fabrication techniques. He received
training at Hazeltine School of Fine Jewelry in Santa Fe, New Mexico and received instruction from
internationally renowned jade carver, Deborah Wilson.



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